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All Glory to JESUS

"Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord." Praise ye the Lord. (Psalm 150:6)

The following testimonies are reports that we have received from those who were touched by God while attending our meetings. The validity of these reports are based upon their word unless otherwise stated.

God is doing so many wonderful and awesome things. We are seeing many salvations, healings, deliverances and creative miracles. The signs and wonders are so amazing! Praise the Lord!


My back had two crushed disks, in the lower back area, with much pain. Without having any one lay hands on me and pray, I was instantly healed. Praise the Lord!  John S


Here is a few eye witness accounts of the many healings and creative miracles we are seeing happen in meetings and crusades by the healing, miracle power of God. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

In Fremont, California, we seen another creative miracle. A young boy, around ten years old, had no pupil in his eyeball from birth. The Lord instantly created a pupil, where there was none. Praise the Lord!

There was a middle aged man who had suffered a back injury and had much pain and with it. He was instantly healed. The pain left and he could move his body as he use to.

A woman that was totally deaf in both ears for over 20 years, instantly received her hearing.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, we seen an awesome creative miracles. One was a lady, who had polio for over 53 years whose leg was 5 inches shorter than the other one. It instantly grew out and muscle came to it. Praise the Lord! Glory to Jesus!

A lady who for over 32 years couldn't bend over because she had extra bone down her spine was instantly healed. The bone dissolved and was removed from her body by the miracle healing power of God. To the amazement of the crowd, she was bending over as if there was never a problem!

A young boy who was a deaf mute from birth, received his hearing and speech. He was so happy and speaking plain English. It still proves that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!


Have you been touched, healed, or delivered? We want to hear about it so we may rejoice with you. With your permission we may include your testimony or praise report on our web site for all to see.

If you have any praise reports or testimonies, please email us at:  click here

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