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Arequipa, Huanuco, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Huancayo & Lima

April 2008 Report

Here is a praise report of some of the many wonderful and awesome things that the Lord did while we were in central and southern Peru. All praise and glory to God and our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Our hearts are filled with so much joy with all that the Lord has done! What an awesome time it was to both see the glory and power of God manifest and transform the hearts of so many people. It was very fruitful and the harvest was great.

Outreach in Ciudad De Dios - City of God We went with great expectancy to South America to 6 different regions in Peru and in those regions we were in 9 different cities in Peru to bring both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and see His will be done there in Peru as in Heaven. We were in the cities of Arequipa, Ciudad De Dios (City of God), Huanuco, Nauyan Rondos, Ayacucho, Quinua, Hauncavelica, Huancayo, and Lima.

In each place that we were, we ministered and did much street ministry reaching out to those in the marketplace and feeding some of the poor & orphans. We also taught/trained both believers and new converts with activation & hands-on involving the ministry of Jesus as He has commanded each one of us to do in Matthew 10:6-8; 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18. We than took those that wanted to go out with us and let them begin to do that which they both had heard and learned. We went into the streets, marketplaces, hospitals and prisons sharing the Good News and seeing the miraculous power of God manifests.

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way with hundreds of salvations, healings and miracles everywhere on the streets, including the meetings. People all over the cities that we went into were talking about what God had done for and in them - including the many healings and miracles that they both received and saw.

The sick were healed, those bound by satan were set free, and so many other healings and miracles took place as the Word of God was spoken, many without the laying on of hands but just speaking the healing word. Some of the many healing and miracles that happened were: "tumors" - that simply disappeared & were completely gone, "backs & back problems" - were instantly healed, "breathing problems" - that completely returned to normal, "headaches" - that immediately left, "stomach & intestinal problems" - were instantly healed, "cataract on the eye" - sight restored, and many other things did Jesus heal the people of!

Many people immediately were telling & showing those around them and their families that they were healed; checking & examining their bodies - trying to understand how this happened instantly in front of their eyes and what they had felt happening in their bodies at that very moment. We explained to them (that it was not about us but that it was the anointing and power of God) that God, the Creator of all things was the One that saved, healed and filled them with His Spirit. Each time as the Holy Spirit was moving while we were sharing, people gathered around wanting to both receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to be healed - and that is exactly what happened over and over again.

Those that had repented of their sins and asked Jesus to forgive them - shared what they had felt at that very moment they were transformed into a new person; how the weight had lifted off of them, the joy, happiness, peace and love they had felt come on them and through them. They were so overjoyed with what just happened to them saying "what both happened and what they felt, never felt anything like that before." You could see the transformation both in their countenance and on their faces - their faces were radiating and smiling. They were very zealous to share with others what had just happened to them and all that they felt. In Peru, as well as many other places in the world, people normally don't smile but rather are solemn. If you are smiling, they think that you have been drinking or high on some kind of drug. We would have people come up to us and ask why we were so happy and why our faces were so radiant. And we than would share with them about Jesus as He is the One and the reason why we were so happy, thus leading them to Jesus.

We also then instructed the new believers to lay their hands on those who needed a healing and they were instantly healed as the power of God flowed through them. This showing them and the others in the crowd that it was not just us who the Lord was using, but all of those who have received Jesus have the same power and authority. All of the salvations, healing and miracles that happened testify of the saving, healing miraculous power of God - that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). Isn't our God great?

One amazing account of what God did that not only changed the life of a family but also the people of a local church happened in the city of Huancayo. After arriving in Huancayo, we received a phone call from a pastor asking us what blood type we had, as a lady from his church was in the hospital bleeding severely and had lost about half of the blood in her body. She was over 7 months pregnant, of which the baby had not been moving & having no signs of life for some time, and had some torn intestines from which she was bleeding.

On the phone, I said that we should immediately pray for her and that the bleeding would stop. Within a few minutes after we had prayed, the bleeding has completely stopped. Later the next morning, we went to the hospital to see how the lady was doing. The lady was somewhat weak and very pale looking from the whole ordeal and very worried about the baby as it had no signs of life. We talked with her, encouraged her and anointed her with oil when we prayed for her. She said that she felt very peaceful and that her strength was returning. You could see that her color was returning back to normal and she was smiling.

Miracle - Mother & 7 months baby Than the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to speak the word "Life" 3 times to the baby. So I did in faith believing that the Lord was going to do a miraculous work with the baby. And as I placed my hand on the mother, immediately the baby began to move. The mother started saying excitedly over and over "the baby is moving, the baby is alive"! You could feel the baby kicking and moving. Praise the Lord!! Life had come into the baby - the baby was alive!

The father and the mother were crying and giving thanks to the Lord for all that He had done both for the mother and for the baby. Some of the people from the church and other family relatives were in the waiting area of the hospital praying and waiting to hear how the mother was. When they had heard of what all the Lord had done - they were so happy and crying tears of joy. Words could not begin to describe what all was taken place in them, as many people's lives were changed because of this. Our God is so wonderful!!

Another wonderful account that took place was a Catholic priest that was a passenger with us in a taxi that we took from Izcuchaca to Huancavelica. He was on the way to Huancavelica to a meeting where he and 17 other priests from different areas were going to meet with a bishop. He had asked where we were from and what we were doing there in Peru, as they don't see many foreigners. We shared with him about all of the salvations, healing and miracles that Jesus was doing and how that today was no different as when Jesus was on the earth. He was ever so excited as he shared how he had read of such things in the Bible and was taught that it was only for the time when Jesus was on the earth but how he had wondered if it applied for today. He said now he knew it was so and began to ask more questions concerning the Holy Spirit and the work that took place on the Cross.

He said that he was so hungry to know more and had been praying to the Lord to show and teach him more. And he knew that the Lord had sent us to him and he invite us to come and speak at the Catholic church where he presided over to shared about Jesus, His love and the miraculous power of God. After we had arrived in Huancavelica and the taxi had stopped to drop off the priest in front of the Catholic church, he asked for us to pray with him and we did, which according to catholic doctrine was a big "no no" other than another priest or bishop doing such a thing. He felt the power of God come upon him and he was so thankful and excited about all that had happened to him.

Again as the Lord always has a bigger plan than what man can comprehend, people begin to gather around us, seeing we were praying for a priest and wanted us to bless them too. They wanted to know about Jesus and wanted Jesus to heal them. What an amazing time it was and to see God move!

Over and over again, we saw the Lord move in a mighty way not only touching the people in need but also transforming theirs lives. Each one never being the same because of all that He has done in them but also for them. We know that all of Heaven was rejoicing as each and every sinner repented.

No matter how many times I see God work and move, I am in awe of Him and all that He does. Like the people who lives are changed, we too are changed because of the mercy and goodness of God and our faith increases. God dares us to believe for the impossible and for us to step out in faith to do all that He tells us, no matter what it may seem. Only when we respond in complete obedience to what He says, will we see God do the impossible and His Power manifests. Just like it is recorded in His Word in so many different accounts.

We truly have seen the glory and power of God manifest as there was 100% healing of sickness & disease - not matter what it was. All glory to God - for He alone deserves it and it is only because of Him! There was so many awesome things that God has done, that it would take too much time to try to tell you, but I know that you can just imagine.

Truly it is "Harvest Time" and we must be about our Father's business, not just there in Peru but all over the world!

"...Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come..."  Luke 14:23

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