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People hungry for God

Salvations, Healings and Miracles!

The Bulgaria crusade was put on by Stand Firm World Ministries. Evangelist Keith Miller preached the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles following. This was such a divine time for us to be there.

There was a total of 12 of us that went as a team. We feel this number was significant; the number 12 is symbol of Divine government, apostolic government. We were so blessed and excited of helping and being a part of all that took place there.

Impact for the Kingdom

The full impact of this trip can not be known until heavens roll call, but we do know that hundreds of lives were transformed, healed, set free, born again, equipped and imparted to. Each meeting carried a powerful realm of the Power of God. At times, the altars were so full that we didnít even have room for the people. Each night seemed to bring a different flow of the Anointing of the Lord.

Miraculous Healing Power of God

Many people testified of being healed instantly by the Lord. There were too many healings and miracles that happened to keep count of.

  • Many deaf ears popped opened
  • Sight was restored to blind eyes
  • Back and neck problems disappeared
  • Stomach problems and pain was gone
  • Lung and respiratory problems were healed
  • Diseases, malfunctioning organs, bones and so much more were healed.

Many were healed in the balcony and in their seats as Keith moved in "words of knowledge" and released the healing anointing on mass.

During several of the evening meetings, the response for the call for healing filled the front to overflowing. As the team prayed for the people, they saw many instantaneous healings and miracles take place. It was awesome to hear the people and team rejoice in Jesus' Mighty Name as the sick were healed, the oppressed were loosed and others received a fresh anointing.

National Impact

During the seven days that we were there, we were able to pour into the people of Bulgaria and others from Romania and other surrounding Eastern Europe countries. Many pastors and people came from neighboring cities and countries for the evening meetings.

During some of the meetings, the team made fire tunnels that the people moved through. As 100's made their way through, they received impartation and fresh oil from the Holy Spirit. Many never made it all the way through, being overcome by the manifest presence of God.

The impact of this event in the Kingdom was so powerful. They were all touched by the Lord, in many different ways and they will never be the same. Over 100 men and women of God who were pastors and Bible School students received a powerful impartation that they will take to the nations of Europe.

New Generation Bible School

On several nights, Keith and Janet Miller, and several of the team ministered at the New Generation Bible School. It was the first teachings and lectures of the year. What a tremendous way to start off! The room was packed with hungry hearts. The students were challenged to a deeper level of surrender and were so blessed by the team. Many of the students are from small villages all around the nation. The Presence of God was so strong, the students just hung around; they didnít want to leave.

Food Distribution to the Gypsies

SFWM went and bought enough food to feed 100 families. We distributed the food to gypsies in a town outside of Pernik. They were so surprised and overjoyed to receive it. This was the first time that this had happened and it opened up the people to receive the love of Jesus!

Team Outreach and Ministry

The team got to minister at a day care/school in Sofia. Members of the team, preached and ministered at several different churches. They were so blessed to be able to pour out to others, to see their lives changed and many people healed.

John preached at one of the evening church services. The people were so hungry and desparate for more of God. The "Fire of God" fell on the people and they begin to burn for Jesus like they haven't before. Many people were healed and set free. Something powerful took place in the church and in that city.

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