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Huanuco, Huancayo, Cusco & Lima

February 2007 Report

Cusco, Peru

City of Cusco

Here is a praise report of some of the many wonderful and awesome things that the Lord did while we were in central Peru. All praise and glory to Jesus!

We went with great expectancy to South America, to 4 different regions (states) in Peru, along with our good friend & interpeter, Javier Hostos Bustamante. In those 4 states, we were in 6 different cities in Peru to bring both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and see His will be done there in Peru as in heaven. We did training/teaching sessions with activation & hands-on involving the ministry of Jesus as He has commanded each one of us to do in Matthew 10:6-8; 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18. Nightly in each place, we held evangelistic meetings and did much street ministry reaching those in the marketplace and feeding the poor/orphans.

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way with hundreds and even thousands of salvations, being baptized with the Holy Ghost, healings and miracles everywhere including on the streets. People all over the cities that we went into were talking about what God had done for and in them - including the many healings and miracles that they both received and saw.

The blind saw, the deaf heard, the lame walked, the sick healed, and those bound by satan were set free! Tumors fell off, cancer withered up and died, fevers left, and so many other healings and miracles took place as the Word of God was spoken, many without the laying on of hands but just speaking the healing word. Many people would shout out to us that they were healed; that their eyes were open and that they could hear - trying to understand how this could be when we laid no hands on them. We explained to them (that is was not about us but that this was the anointing and power of God) - that God, the Creator of all things was in their midst. The crowds gathered and grew in so much that we were pressed on all sides as people desperately wanted to both receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to be healed.

Receiving Jesus Receiving Jesus Instantly Healed of 2 Tumors

                                                           Receiving Jesus                                           Instantly Healed of 2 Tumors

We then instructed the new believers to lay their hands on those who needed a healing and they were instantly healed as the power of God flowed through them. This showing them and the others in the crowd that it was not just us who the Lord was using but all of those who have received Jesus. This happened everywhere we went; this testifying of the saving, healing miraculous power of God - that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8).

At times, while we were just walking people would come running up to us asking us to pray with them to received Jesus. This was truly amazing to see as we were not preaching but rather minding our own business and we knew that the Holy Spirit was drawing them.

We went into one hospital and the Holy Spirit spoke to us to go into the baby/children ward. Not only were the babies & children healed but the parents, nurses and doctors received Jesus into their hearts as well as those that needed healing, were healed. Praise the Lord!! We also saw food multiply as we feed the people in the poor and remote areas.

We truly have seen the glory and power of God manifest as there was 100% healing of sickness & disease - not matter what it was. All glory to God - for He alone deserves it and it is only because of Him! There was so many awesome things that God has done, that it would take too much time to try to tell you, but I know that you can just imagine.

Truly it is "Harvest Time" and we must be about our Father's business, not just there in Peru but all over the world!

"...Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come..." Luke 14:23

Peru, South America

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