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Huanuco, Nauyan Rondos, Tingo Maria, Huaraz,
Taquillan, Yungay, & Lima

May 2007 Report

Here is a praise report of some of the many wonderful and awesome things that the Lord did while we were in north-central Peru. All praise and glory to Jesus!

Our hearts are filled with joy and flowing over with all that the Lord has done! What an awesome and amazing time it was to both see the glory and power of God manifest and transform the hearts of so many people. It was very fruitful and the harvest was great.

Peru map We went with great expectancy to South America to 3 different regions in Peru and in those regions we were in 7 different cities in Peru to bring both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and see His will be done there in Peru as in heaven. We were in the cities of Huanuco, Nauyan Rondos, Tingo Maria, Huaraz, Taquillan, Yungay, and Lima.

In each place that we were, we ministered and did much street ministry reaching out to those in the marketplace and feeding the poor & orphans. We also taught/trained both believers and new converts with activation & hands-on involving the ministry of Jesus as He has commanded each one of us to do in Matthew 10:6-8; 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18. We than took those that wanted to go out with us and let them begin to do that which they both had heard and learned. We went into the streets, marketplaces and hospital sharing the Good News and seeing the miraculous power of God manifests.

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way with hundreds of salvations, healings and miracles everywhere on the streets, including the meetings. People all over the cities that we went into were talking about what God had done for and in them - including the many healings and miracles that they both received and saw.

The sick were healed, those bound by satan were set free, and so many other healings and miracles took place as the Word of God was spoken, many without the laying on of hands but just speaking the healing word. Many people would shout out to us that they were healed; checking & examining their bodies - trying to understand how this happened instantly in front of their eyes and what they had felt happening in their bodies at that very moment. We explained to them (that it was not about us but that it was the anointing and power of God) - that God, the Creator of all things was in their midst. Each time as the Holy Spirit was moving while we were sharing, people gathered around wanting to both receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to be healed.

We then instructed the new believers to lay their hands on those who needed a healing and they were instantly healed as the power of God flowed through them. This showing them and the others in the crowd that it was not just us who the Lord was using but all of those who have received Jesus. This testifying of the saving, healing miraculous power of God - that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8).

Much of the time during our whole trip, as we have not had this happen in this magnitude before, while we were just walking around the streets people would come up to us asking us where we were from. They said that there was something different about us – that they were drawn to us, that there was light around us, and that they felt love and peace when being in our presence; but besides all of what they seen or felt, they felt a conviction in their hearts. Others would begin to cry and they didn’t know why they were, as we walk by them. We shared with them that it was the Holy Spirit drawing and convicting them, and what Jesus did for them. All or sometimes most of the people wanted to know Jesus and to receive Him as their Lord and Saviour. This was truly amazing to see happen as we were not preaching but rather minding our own business and we knew that the Holy Spirit was drawing them.

We were both very grateful and amazed at the ‘specific directions and words’ from the Lord, not just in regards to prophetic words for people but for everything we were to do and the places we were to go. Every time as we went to the places and did exactly what the Lord had spoken unto us, not only did they happen but also in such a greater way! Isn’t this like our Papa, Abba Father?

Here are several such accounts of the ‘specific directions and words’ from the Lord that occurred:

1.)  The city of Huanuco:

    That afternoon after returning to Huanuco from Tingo Maria, the Lord spoke to us that we were suppose to go to a town outside of the city of Huanuco that was up in the Andes, as Huanuco is in the valley. He said that we were to leave early the next day in the morning and that we were to go to the town from a certain way. We were to take water and some food which we were to give away to people that He would show us.

    We then asked several people and the local pastor about a town in that certain location. They said that there was a town up there that was called ‘Nauyan Rondos’, but they were not for sure how to get there.

    So the next morning Javier, I and another person headed out by taxi the way the Lord has said. After a short distance, the taxi driver (even saying that was the way to go) stopped and said that he could not go any further, as the road had ended. So we paid our taxi fare and headed out walking and the only way – was UP! The Andes mountains set at an elevation of over 15,000 feet, so you can imagine the steep walk that it was going to be for us. What a sunny and hot day it was!

    After walking about 2 ½ hours up the steep mountains and crossing many deep ravines, we came across several farmers who were working in their potato fields. We asked if we were going in the right direction to Nauyan Rondos and they agreed, as you could not see the town. We were told to give away some of our bottled water which we did wondering if we would have enough for our trip there and back.

    After about another hour of walking, we came across a place that the other person with us had heard about which was still used to date for satanists for human (virgin) sacrifices. We prayed over the area and continued on knowing that one of the reasons for us going this way and walking was that we were to come across the place. Remembering the scripture in Deuteronomy 11:24, “Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours…”

    Continuing on for another hour, we came across several small sod homes from which we could see the town of Nauyan Rondos that was about 1 mile away. We shared Jesus with several people there who received Him into their hearts. We then gave the food to away that we were told to bring with us.

    After about another half hour with only ¼ bottle of water left, we finally came into Nauyan Rondos. What a welcome sight is was and knowing that we were finally there. There was no electricity and the water that was there was not good to drink, especially for someone that didn’t live there.

    We shared with the people there about Jesus and 83 people gave their hearts to Him. Praise the Lord!! Even if it was for only one person, we would have walked all that time and those 12.5+ miles.

    The local people said that there was only one road that came up the mountains to their town but it was completely opposite of the direction that we had come. We knew the Lord had us to go that way because of the satanic sacrifice area, the people that we came across that gave their hearts to him, as well as the 83 salvations in the town of Nauyan Rondos.

    The Lord provided a ride for us back down to Huanuco in both a vehicle and on a dirt bike, as the road was very rough and steep. Praise the Lord that we didn’t have to walk back all that way. It was 20 kilometers on the road back to Huanuco and much faster.

    Then the Lord spoke to us that we were to buy some booklets for new believers and give them to them. After many more divine connections and leading of the Lord, we found a Christian printing shop that was closing up for the day. He already had some of those booklets that we needed but needed to print some more for us so that way we could have over 200 of them. He made them up for us in about 2 hours before going home. Isn’t the Lord wonderful?

    The next day by taxi and on the road, we brought the booklets to them, and we shared with them further about living for Jesus and doing the ministry of Jesus.
2.)  The city of Huaraz:
    One morning during our time with the Lord, He spoke and said “that we were to leave our hotel and go down to the main street. Then we were to cross it and walk north a little ways. There we would meet 4 people that were ready to give their hearts to Him and that the oldest and tallest guy would be the ‘key’ to another town where there would be a great harvest of souls. After they had given their hearts to Jesus, we were to go buy them breakfast (because they had not eaten & didn’t have the money to) where they wanted to go and eat. The Lord said that the town that we were to go to, which we were to ask the guy where he lived, would be the same place we were to go. We were to go to that town on the following day and to let him know. And He said that when we go to that town, we were to walk there and that we were not to take a taxi.”

    I told my friend and interpreter, Javier who has been with and helped me on all the trips to Peru, about all the things that the Lord had shown and spoken to me. Javier said that he had gotten some similar things as well from the Lord.

    So we immediately left and went exactly where the Lord has said. There we found the 4 people as the Lord said and they received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We then asked if they had eaten and if we could buy them breakfast. They responded and said that they had not eaten because they had no money for food, and ‘yes’ we could. We asked the tallest and older guy his name (Raul) and where he lived. Raul said that he lived in the town called Taquillan. He said that we should come to his town as many people there would definitely like to hear about Jesus and what He has done for each one of us on the Cross. We told Raul that we were going to coming there tomorrow.

    The next day we left for Taquillan on foot. On the way, the Holy Spirit spoke to us to go down certain streets and how far to go on them. After quite some time of walking, He said we were to stop a wait a minute. While waiting, here came Raul with a friend. We then joined them and continued on into Taquillan. The people there were overjoyed to see us and 148 people gave their hearts to Jesus. Praise the Lord!!!

    After all of this, we were instructed to take Raul back into Huaraz and buy him a haircut. Then we were to take him to eat supper with us and on the way, we led another person to Christ who was to eat with us. After eating, the Lord told us to take both people and buy them new pants in the market. We than paid for a taxi to take him back Taquillan to his home.
These are just a couple of the many such accounts that happened. It was like the Bible, in the Book of Acts with Ananias who was told to go to a certain street which was called ‘Straight’ and ask in the house of Judas for one called Saul (Acts 9:10-11).

In every city that we were in except for Lima, we encountered either witches or wizards and even a demoniac. They would confront us wanting to know who had sent us and what we were doing in their city. After sharing with them that we were sent by Christ Jesus and what He had done for them, none of them wanted to repent and follow Jesus or to be set free. There was much spiritual warfare on this trip but how great were the things that the Lord did.

This trip has been over the top and like no other. We truly have seen the glory and power of God manifest as there was 100% healing of sickness & disease - not matter what it was. All glory to God - for He alone deserves it and it is only because of Him! There was so many awesome things that God has done, that it would take too much time to try to tell you, but I know that you can just imagine.

Truly it is "Harvest Time" and we must be about our Father's business, not just there in Peru but all over the world!

"...Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come..." Luke 14:23

Huaraz, Peru

City of Huaraz

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