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Juanjui, Tarapoto, & Huanuco


Crusade in Juanjui

Here is a praise report of some of the many wonderful and awesome things that the Lord did while we were in central Peru. All praise and glory to Jesus!

With our hearts bursting with joy and with the love of Jesus, we set out to only do what we both have seen and heard the Father doing. There is something about being amongst the people out in the streets. Jesus came to seek and to save those that are lost. Matthew 18:11

No matter what - it is always about the ONE - Jesus, and the one to whom He leads you to.

The greatest miracle is salvation - and there is nothing like it to see each person countenance being immediately changed as soon as they ask Jesus into their heart. Oh what joy it is! If you have not shared Jesus with someone today - DO IT, how else will they hear about Him and what He has done for them .... it could be their only chance.

From Lima to Juanjui

                                   West Lima                                  City of Juanjui                     Southern jungle - Juanjui

We flew into Lima, Peru on the 1st of February and than flew on to Juanjui with a population of about 70,000 people, which is in the southern part of the jungle. It is summer there and very warm and muggy. We had 3 nights of open air crusades in the city plaza with several thousand people attending each night. There were over several hundred precious people each night that came and gave their hearts to Jesus, with many miracles and healings as Jesus touched those that needed a healing. Not only were the ones that were healed overjoyed but also all of those that were there. The level of faith literally rose, as person after person was healed before their very own eyes; they were seeing the power of God being made manifest.

During the day, there were meetings for pastors and all wanted to come. The Lord stirred up His children and set them on fire. We went to a church in a small town at a pastor's request to minister to the people and give words of encouragement, with several of them receiving healing. We also went all over the city and in the markets, sharing Jesus and words to the people, with another 140 - 150 people giving there hearts to Jesus. No matter what the sickness or disease - ALL of the people were healed!

Nightly crusades in city plaza of Juanjui

Right from the start out in the market, one lady that the Holy Spirit led us to had so many ailments (bad back, stomach tumor, arthritis and severe headaches) and in constant pain, hardly able to walk - was instantly healed as soon as she asked Jesus into her heart. She was so excited about all that had happened to her - the peace and love she felt come upon and in her, and being completely healed - she was shouting and thanking the Lord. Than a crowd of people gathered as she began to tell them what the Lord had just done for her and how amazed and happy she was. This than led to 12 or so people giving their hearts to Jesus and several that needed healing, were totally healed. Praise the Lord! This happened over and over again.

At one restaurant, where we had stopped for lunch, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a young lady that was sitting by herself eating. She not only looked so sad but had many bad things happen to her in her past, but even that morning. After eating, we went over to her and asked if we could sit with her and talk, which she immediately agreed to. After some friendly conversation, we shared with her the things that the Holy Spirit had both shown and told us. She immediately began to weep and wondered how we knew those things which we had told her. After explaining to her about this and what Jesus did for her when He died on the Cross, and that He would take away and heal all of those hurts and wounds - she gave her heart to Jesus. At that very moment, it happened - she immediately felt the love and peace of Jesus come and all the pain & hurt leave. You could see her countenance instantly change and smile come on her face, as she was transformed by His Love. She said she felt clean and like a new person. Praise the Lord!

At the end of the crusade on the last night, the Lord spoke to us that He was going to break some strongholds and powers of the enemy off the city. As we called out each one by name, lightning flashed across the sky as they were dethroned and each curse was broken. This was truly a sign in the natural as to what was happening in the spiritual realm.

So the whole time that we were there in Juanjui, we saw God move mightily as over 700 people gave their lives to Jesus with countless healings and miracles. Glory to King Jesus!

On to Tarapoto

                        On the way to Tarapoto                                       Harvest in the marketplace

We than went on to Tarapoto, by car through the mountains on dirt roads for about 4 hours. We were there for a day and met with some pastors there. While we were there, we walked all over the city and into the markets and shared the Gospel of the Kingdom. Again there were 15 people that gave their hearts to Jesus.

Than to Huanuco

We than flew into Huanuco, the capital city of the state of Huanuco, Peru with a population of over 140,000 people, that is located in the high mountains of the Andes and what a beautiful place it is. For 5 days, there were meetings all day long for the Bible school students and pastors, with nightly services.

                                  The Andes                                                  View of the city of Huanunco

Also during the day, there was much street/market ministry as well as 3 different outreaches to the children and people that lived in the poor areas of Huanuco. At each outreach, food and sweets was given to the children after a time of singing and ministering the Gospel to them. What fun and such joy we had sharing the love of Jesus to both the children and people in the streets of Huanuco, with over 220 children and adults giving their hearts to Jesus!

Outreaches Bringing the love of Jesus to the children in poor areas

What an awesome time it was at the Bible school that Pastor Edgar has started to help equip believers. At the beginning of the last meeting there, we knew the Lord had something really special for His Body. We invited the Holy Spirit to come and have His way. We all both prayed and sung in the Spirit, as we waited on the Holy Spirit to come. What a tremendous Presence of the Lord there was, and as we continued to wait - the thicker and heavier the His Presence became. The atmosphere of the place literally became foggy. After about 20 minutes, a wind blew through the building with a sweet smelling fragrance and a weightiness of His Presence came upon everyone there. We all knew that the Holy Spirit had come and people everywhere begin to weep and to fall down because of the holiness that was there from His Glory and Presence.

Than a roar filled the room as the Fire of God came with the smell of smoke permeating the air of the whole place. There was such a awesome peace and stillness in the place, and angels were everywhere! The weeping intensified as the precious Holy Spirit moved on each person and having His way with them. The people could feel the Fire of God burning on them, with heavenly gold dusts and oil appearing on the people. Afterwards, people saw that there was black soot on their hands from the fire that had come and filled the place. The people and the pastors that were there were overwhelmed by what had taken place and it was something that they had not experienced before. What an awesome and precious time it was with the Lord!

In Conclusion

It is always such a blessing to be exactly where the Lord wants you to be and to be a part of all that He is doing!

One main question that the Peruvian people always seemed to ask was "Why are you happy and always smiling" and that was very easy to answer - JESUS!

Over and over again, what a joy it was to see the Kingdom of God being increased and those that have just became newborn children of God, begin to lead others to Jesus and the sick being totally healed as they laid their hands on them. Truly it was "as it is in heaven" being here at that very moment on earth! Just as Jesus said in His Word, there was both increase and multiplication happening right before our eyes. The increase was those receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour - and than they (instead of just us - the multiplication) were doing the ministry of Jesus. Hallelujah!!! This is what Jesus meant when He said in His Word to go and make disciples and this is clearly not just being a "hearer" but a "DOER".

What an awesome time it was!! All to the glory of God, about a 1,000 or more people gave their lives to Jesus, both at the crusades and in the streets! We saw cripples walk, tumors disappear, deaf ears open, and blind eyes see, as well as many other things as hundreds of Peruvians were set free and healed instantly by the miraculous power of God, no matter what kind of sickness or disease they had, confirming the preaching of His Word.

It was unbelievable - it was like picking ripe fruit. You could not go any where without someone giving their life to Jesus and people getting healed! There was 100% healings and miracles - no matter the sickness or disease. All because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

Each place and city we went into was ripe for harvest - what we saw and heard the Lord say was "Peru is in revival and harvest". This is truly the beginning of "Revival & Harvest" as we have not seen in this region before. We are planning on going back into Peru many times this year, to be a part of all that the Lord is doing there.

We want to thank each one of you for praying for us! Even though you were not there in person, you were a part of all that took place there!

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