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Tumbes, Atusa, Mancora, Piura, Catacaos, Chiclayo, Jaen,
Bagua Chica, Bagua Grande, Chachapoyas, Moyobamba,
Tarapoto, Pachacutec, Juanjui, Huaral & Lima

March & April 2009 Report

We have just returned from our trip to Peru, South America. We were there for almost 5 weeks.

The Lord did many wonderful and awesome things while we were in northwest and north-central Peru, including the jungle. All praise and glory to God and our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Our hearts are filled with so much joy with all that the Lord has done! What an awesome time it was to both see the glory and power of God manifest and transform the hearts of so many people. It was very fruitful and the harvest was great.

Northern Peru Map We went with great expectancy to South America to 7 different regions in Peru and in those regions, we were in 16 different cities in Peru to bring both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and see His will be done there in Peru as in Heaven. We were in the cities of Tumbes, Atusa, Mancora, Piura, Catacaos, Chiclayo, Jaen, Bagua Chica, Bagua Grande, Chachapoyas, Moyobamba, Tarapoto, Pachacutec, Juanjui, Huaral and Lima.

This was a very exciting trip, as the as the Lord had been speaking to me earlier this year that He was sending me back to Peru again. The Lord told us that we were not to make any arraignments other than our flight to Tumbes, Peru from Lima.

The Lord said that He would lead us to each place we were to go and for how long we would be at those places, even which individual we were to meet and what we were to do in those places. The Lord said "that He is always faithful and that I had to completely trust Him in all things, as He was going to test my faith in Him and stretch me more."

You know what? That is exactly what He did! This is what Jesus spoke about and taught us in His Word; how He only did those things that He seen the Father do (John 5:19-20) and how we too are to be completely dependent on Him. This is something that the Holy Spirit has taught me from the very beginning of my walk with the Lord.

In each city and place that the Holy Spirit led us, we shared the Good News and did much street ministry reaching out to those in the marketplace and feeding some of the poor & orphans. We also taught/trained both new converts and believers about the ministry of Jesus and what He has commanded each one of us to do in Matthew 10:6-8; 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18. We than took those that wanted to go out with us and let them begin to do that which they both had heard and learned. We went into the streets, marketplaces, hospitals and prisons sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and seeing the miraculous power of God manifests.

We also instructed the new converts and believers alike to do what the Holy Spirit was telling them to do or say to those who needed a healing and they were instantly healed as the power of God flowed through them. This showing them and the others in the crowd that it was not just us who the Lord was using, but all of those who have received Jesus have the same power and authority. All of the salvations, healing and miracles that happened testify of the saving, healing miraculous power of God - that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). Isn't our God great?

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way with over 700-750 salvations, many healings and miracles everywhere on the streets, in the market, in restaurants, including meetings. People from the cities that we went into were talking about what God had done for and in them - including the many healings and miracles that they both received and saw.

The sick were healed, those bound by satan & witchcraft were set free, and many other healings and miracles took place as the Word of God was spoken, many without the laying on of hands but just speaking the healing word. Some of the many healings and miracles that happened were: "crippled by arthritis" - limbs were strengthened & straightened instantly; "hernias" - were completely gone; "backs & back problems" - were instantly healed; "tumors" - were healed; "stomach & intestinal problems" - were instantly healed; "deaf & ringing ears" - were opened, ringing stopped, restored hearing; "partial blindness, poor sight & other eye problems" - sight restored, and many other things did Jesus heal the people of!

Many people immediately were telling & showing those around them and their families that they were healed; checking & examining their bodies - trying to understand how this happened instantly in front of their eyes and what they had felt happening in their bodies at that very moment. We explained to them (that it was not about us but that it was the anointing and power of God) that God, the Creator of all things was the One that saved, healed and filled them with His Spirit. Each time as the Holy Spirit was moving while we were sharing, people gathered around wanting to both receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to be healed - and that is exactly what happened over and over again.

Those that had repented of their sins and asked Jesus to forgive them - shared what they had felt at that very moment they were transformed into a new person; how the weight had lifted off of them, the joy, happiness, peace and love they had felt come on and in them. They were so overjoyed with what just happened to them saying "what both happened and what they felt, never felt anything like that before." You could see the transformation both in their countenance and on their faces - their faces were radiating and smiling. They were a new person and a child of God! The new converts were very zealous to share with others what had just happened to them and all that they felt.

In Peru, as well as many other places in the world, people normally don't smile but rather are solemn. If you are smiling, they think that you have been drinking or high on some kind of drug. The people wondered why we were so happy and why we were always smiling. And we than would share with them about Jesus as He is the One and the reason why we were so happy, thus leading them to Jesus.

Here are a couple detailed accounts of the wonderful things that God done for His Glory:

The rain was stopped the whole time

Before flying from the USA to Peru, a friend of mine told me that he had heard that there have been many storms, mudslides, and much rain happening in Peru. I told him that I was not worried about it and that the Lord was in control of all things.

Upon arriving in Lima, Peru, I met up with my good friend and translator, Javier. On our flight to Tumbes, Peru which is just a few kilometer from Ecuador, we were reading the local newspaper and it was telling about all of the rain and mudslides that they were having all over Peru. People were being killed by the mudslides that were happening. This was also on the news on television.

Javier was talking with me about this and said that he had a brand new rain jacket in his suitcase, just in case. He asked me if I had one with me and I told him that I did not.

After thinking about all the rain, as it was the rainy time of the year for some parts of Peru, and wondering where the Lord was going to have us go after we did what He wanted us to do there in Tumbes. The Lord spoke to me and said "decree to the heavens that the clouds withhold it rain in all the places that I am sending you until you leave those areas - and it will be so."

So I shared with Javier about what the Lord had spoken to me and he agreed. So I decreed to the heavens what the Lord had told me.

I have seen the Lord hold the rain and make storms dissipate; the sky would become clear in minutes. This has happened in Peru several times before and even in many other parts of the world. So I knew in my heart that He would do what He said, as He is always faithful and His Word is true.

Bridge washed away by mudslide - near Tarapoto, Peru You know what? The Lord true to His Word - from the north coast of Peru, across the Andes and in the jungle where the Lord sent us, not once did it rain on us. Praise the Lord!

In the different cities and places that we were, we had asked the people there when it had stopped raining. They would say one or two days before we were there. Also another interesting thing had happened. On the way to Tarapoto, which is in the jungle, we came upon a big bridge that was washed away (photo right) just previously by the rain and a mudslide and we had to drive across the creek that was least than one foot deep. This was amazing!

In the cities of Piura & Catacaos

After arriving in the city of Piura, late in the afternoon, we were asking the Lord what it was that He wanted us to do. The Lord said "that He wanted us to go the city main plaza and that He was going to show us a person that we were to meet." So we went and the Lord showed us a young boy who was selling local souvenirs that we were to talk with.

So asked him his name and he said it was Edison. We proceeded to shared Jesus with him and what He had done for him. With tears in his eyes, Edison said that he wanted to ask Jesus to forgive him and live for Him.

While Edison was praying to the Lord, you could see the Lord transformed him as a smile came on his face and countenance radiated with the joy of the Lord. After several minutes, Edison opened his eyes but just remained motionless for a while. We finally asked Edison what he felt happen to him. He said that he felt a weight lift off of him and peace come upon him that he never felt before. Edison said that after he had opened his eyes - everything was so brilliant and new around him. He also said that he saw a bright light in front and around him. He was so excited.

We asked Edison why he was out so late selling local souvenirs. He said that he was always out that late every night, trying to sell souvenirs so he can get so money for food for his family so they can eat.

Than we asked Edison if he had parents which he said that he did and that his mother was also out there in the city plaza selling too.

We had left Edison and walked across the street to find something to drink and when we had returned, we saw a bunch of people around Edison and he was talking with them what had just happened to him. This was awesome!

We than told Edison that we would like to meet his mother and he agreed, as the Lord had spoken to me that we were tell the mother "that tomorrow, Jesus was coming to her house and we were too, if she wanted."

It was not long before we found her and we asked her name. Edison's mother's name is Petronila. Edison excitedly shared with his mother what had just happened to him. As we explained to her how the Lord had brought us to meet her son, Edison and we asked her about coming to her house as the Lord had told us. Petronila replied to us, with tears running down her face, "Yes, please come - you are welcome." So we agreed to come early the next morning.

So the next morning, we took a taxi to Catacaos, which was about 20 kilometer from Piura, and arrived to Edison and Petronila's home. She could not believe that we would come but on the other hand, she said that her son, Edison knew we would come and was very excited to see us.

Than the Lord spoke to us and said that we were to buy plenty of food to eat with Petronila's family and with her other immediate family that lived there too. This was her father, mother, sisters, brothers and their children that lived there to. There were about 20 people that she agreed that she would cook for.

So Pertonila, Edison, Edison's younger brother - Rafael, Javier (my good friend & interpreter) and I walked to the market to buy the food that was needed. As we were buying the things needed for the meal, the people were asking Petronila who we were and why we were buying so much food. She replied "These are my guests in my house, my friends and I am going to make a big meal and we are going to eat together." Edison's mother could not believe that this all was happening.

After taking the food back to the house so Petronila could begin to fix the food, we asked Edison if he would like to go back to the market with us and share Jesus with the people. He enthusiastically replied "Yes".

While in the market, many people gathered around us to hear what Jesus had done on the Cross for each one of them and many people gave their hearts to Jesus. We than had an older lady, who was crippled by arthritis, come up to us asking that Jesus would heal her. We told her that Jesus was going to heal her and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we told Edison to lay his hands on her knees and she was instantly healed. She begin walking and praising the Lord!

After this happened, the crowd begin to grow with many people desperately wanting to both receive Jesus and to be healed. And that is exactly what He did - Jesus transformed the hearts and lives of many people! This is the heart of Jesus - He was drawing them to Him by His Holy Spirit - saving, healing and delivering them. What an amazing time it was to see God move and be a part of it!

After several hours of sharing the Good News and doing the ministry of Jesus in the market, we returned back to Edison's house, as we were to eat. But the Lord had a bigger plan for Petronila, her family, and her immediate family than eating food together.

Petronila's family - Catacaos, Peru As we set around eating, we explained to everyone why the Lord had brought us to their house and how He loved them so. You know what was so awesome - everyone gave their hearts to Jesus! And they all wanted to be baptized. Jesus truly came to Petronila's house and He saved the whole family.

(photo: Petronila's family with a couple nephews & nieces; her immediate family not shown. Petronila - left; her husband - by her with blue cap; Her daughter - front with green top & white skirt; Edison - on the right in yellow shirt & shorts; Edison's brother, Rafael - on the right in blue shorts.)

After all of this, while talking with Petronila she told us with tears running down her face, not tears of sadness but tears of joy, that there had been much conflict and strife in the family for years. They had not eaten a meal together for years because of this. But Jesus came and brought healing to everyone in regards to this. This is true reconciliation! Jesus not only reconciled them back to Himself but also to one another. Praise the Lord!

Another thing Petronila told us was that her husband had called a cousin of his who lived in a different city and was a Christian. He wanted to ask her what was going on with what we were doing and saying that the Lord has sent us to their house, buying food and eating with them. His cousin told him that God was after them, that God did truly send us and that God does things like this to show them that He really cares for them and loves them so. She also said that for years she had been praying for them and that they would give their hearts to Jesus. She was so excited to hear that this was happening. Isn't God so good?

One of the reasons for sharing this wonderful and amazing event with you is to point out how important it is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, to be obedient in both speaking those things and doing those things that the Lord tells us.

In short, if we were not listening to the Holy Spirit and obedient in doing what He had said; we would not have met Edison and the whole family would not have been saved. So I encourage you to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and do those things that He tells you.

In the city of Chiclayo

While we were walking through the streets of Chiclayo, a gentlemen walked up to us and excitedly asked us if we knew Jesus, and we said 'yes'. He excitedly than introduced himself as Leo and that he was a believer too. He said that morning the Lord spoke to him that he was to go to this certain street we were on and there he would meet two people. Leo said just after arriving to the place the Lord had told him, he looked and saw us amongst the people. We have never met him or knew who he was.

Leo wanted us to meet his pastor, asked us to speak on a Christian radio station and to come to a free medical clinic that they were having the following day, which we did. Leo's pastor, Carlos had it announced on the radio that there was a special meeting that night and that everyone that wanted to be healed to come because Jesus would heal them.

So that night on the way to the meeting, our taxi driver gave his heart to Jesus right in front of the building. Right from the beginning, the people were excited and expecting Jesus to touch and heal them. And how did the Lord move in a mighty way, He healed everyone both spiritually and physically! No matter what it was, they all were healed! It was so awesome. Praise the Lord!!

The next day, we went to the medical clinic as we said that we would and there was only one person there talking with the workers. The place was literally empty. We told them that "Jesus is the Healer and that He still healing people today." We also told them that not just because they saw the Lord heal all of those people yesterday that it was a one time event but that they needed to be doing what Jesus had commanded us, as His Disciples, to do in Matthew 10:6-8.

Again another amazing thing happened; the Lord led us to two wonderful brothers in the Lord of which one was a pastor of another church there in Chiclayo. They invited us to come and share with their church whatever the Lord had, as they had been praying for the Lord to send someone to them. Pastor Wilson and Alberto said they and the whole church would be fasting for one whole day before the meeting that night.

There was an awesome presence of the Lord there that night. The air was so thick. There was such a fear of the Lord and a sense of the holiness of His Presence. Than from the back of the church, a cloud of the manifest presence and glory of God came filling the whole place. People were weeping and crying out to God. While this was happening, people were being instantly healed. Words cannot begin to describe it - it was beyond words. It was so amazing!! No one had seen anything like this before. Oh how He loves us!

In the jungle - city of Juanjui

Again, as the Lord always has a bigger plan than what man can comprehend, by the leading of the Lord, we went to Juanjui to visit a pastor that we had not seen in years. Upon arriving at his house, he came out to greet us and was so excited that we had come.

He told us that he personally had been going through a 'trying time' but also the church as well as it had gone through a split. The pastor said that he had been asking an individual to come to help out for the past 8 months but to no avail. He said that he had finally given up asking and the day prior to our arrival, he was asking the Lord to please send someone. And there we were. An answered prayer!

To make a long story short, the pastor asked us to come preach the next night as he was going to invite the other people that had split into another congregation to come.

At the meeting, there was some tension in the air but God had a plan as He always does. After a time of sharing about all that God had been doing around Peru, the Lord had us share about His love, mercy and forgiveness. And that as He still does and has done for us; we too are to do to others as His children.

Than it happened, people begin to weep and cry out to God. They were going to those that they had unforgiveness or offenses with and asking for their forgiveness. They were hugging one another with tears running down there faces. What the enemy met for harm and tried to destroy, the Lord brought restoration!

Also in the meeting, a man brought his wife from a hospital hoping that the Lord would heal her. He said that she was sick and had been for 9 months, and that the doctors told him that they could not do anything for her. The truth of the matter was visible; she was writhing like a snake with her eyes rolling around in the eye sockets and she had to be held up or she would roll around.

We asked him if she had been to a witch doctor and he said that she had not. He said that his wife was a Christian; that she had stepped on something by accident on the neighbor's property that a witch doctor has placed there by and ever since that time she had been that way.

Jesus set his wife free that night! She was no longer tormented, she was in her right mind and as normal as she was before. Praise the Lord!!

What God did that night in all of those people hearts was so wonderful. He brought reconciliation, mended the broke-hearted and set the captives free. He is so worthy of all praise and glory - Praise His Holy Name!

Over and over again, we saw the Lord move in a mighty way not only touching the people in need but also transforming theirs lives. Each one never being the same because of all that He has done in them but also for them. We know that all of Heaven was rejoicing as each and every sinner repented (Luke 15: 10).

No matter how many times I see God work and move, I am in awe of Him and all that He does. Like the people who lives are changed, we too are changed because of the mercy and goodness of God and our faith increases. God dares us to believe for the impossible and for us to step out in faith to do all that He tells us, no matter what it may seem. Only when we respond in complete obedience to what He says, will we see God do the impossible and His Power manifests. Just like it is recorded in His Word in so many different accounts.

We truly have seen the glory and power of God manifest both in the miracles that took place and the healing of sickness & disease - not matter what it was. All glory to God - for He alone deserves it and it is only because of Him!

There are so many other awesome things that God has done on this trip that I would like to share, but it would take too much time to try to tell you. I am sure that you can just imagine.

Truly it is "Harvest Time" and we must be about our Father's business, not just there in Peru but all over the world!

"...Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come..."  Luke 14:23

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