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Lima, Moquegua, Ilo & Tacna


Salvation call at the crusade in Tacna

Here is a praise report of some of the many wonderful and awesome things that the Lord did while we were in central Peru. All praise and glory to Jesus!

With our hearts bursting with joy and with the love of Jesus, we set out to only do what we both have seen and heard the Father doing. There is something about being amongst the people out in the streets. Jesus came to seek and to save those that are lost. Matthew 18:11

No matter what - it is always about the ONE - Jesus, and the one to whom He leads you to.

The greatest miracle is salvation - and there is nothing like it to see each person countenance being immediately changed as soon as they ask Jesus into their heart. Oh what joy it is! If you have not shared Jesus with someone today - DO IT, how else will they hear about Him and what He has done for them .... it could be their only chance.


Children ministry at one of Wilma's homes

We flew into Lima, Peru on the 10th of November and started off our trip by stopping in to see a precious sister, Wilma who for many years has been working with hundreds of children. We went to 2 of her homes to worship the Lord with the children there and shared some things that the Lord had for them. What a wonderful atmosphere and presence of the Lord! There were over several dozen of the precious children that gave their lives to Jesus and some that needed healing, received their healings.


                            City of Moquegua                                       Salvation call at the nightly crusade

We than flew to Tacna than took a couple hour bus ride to Moquegua, a town of 75,000 people, where we held the first crusade. We held 3 nightly meetings with over 875 people that gave their lives to Jesus! There were many hundreds of healings and miracles that took place confirming the Word, and that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Before our very eyes, we saw two cripples walk, dozens of tumors shrink, deaf ears open, and blind eyes see, hundreds of Peruvians were healed.

With our hearts bursting, we knew we couldn't hold these demonstrations of love inside the crusade building, so we took it to the streets. During the day, we went out into the market place and ministered to the people bring them the Gospel of the Kingdom. Praying for people as we found them in the market place, we saw several blind men receive sight, a lady healed of kidney pain, one with arthritis healed, and many other healings took place. Soon a crowd thronged in around us, and we led them all to the Lord. Just in this short time, 45 people gave their hearts to Jesus!

Doing the ministry of Jesus on the streets - New converts - The lame walk & the blind see

While in Moquegua, we also preached in a prison where 60 prisoners gave their hearts to Jesus, freed from Satan's captivity-right in the midst of a jail! Many of the inmates were both healed and received miracles.


                                    City of Ilo                                         Nightly crusade meetings in city plaza

In the city of Ilo, a busy seaport town of 80,000 people, we held 2 more nightly open air crusade meetings in the town square. In such a large city, there were only 1,000 believers, but in just those two days, over 2,000 people gave their hearts to Jesus, both at the crusades and in the streets! Hundreds were set free and healed, no matter what kind of sickness or disease they had. What a joy it was to see how the Lord had moved and added to His church.

One afternoon, while we were on the streets of Ilo sharing the "Good New" and praying for the sick, we were approached and asked by Christian gentleman if we would come to out to the fishing boat were he worked as part of a 12 man fishing crew and share the love of Jesus there. We felt that it was a divine appointment by the Lord to do so and went immediately with him. After climbing into the fishing boat and meeting all of the fishermen, we shared with them what Jesus had done for them on the Cross at Calvary. After that, each of the 11 fishermen, including the captain gave their hearts to Jesus with the captain's son (one of the crew) getting healed. Hallelujah! Now there were 12 fishermen that were followers of Jesus, just as it was in the Bible. This was not just a coincidence that this had just happen here on the ocean but it was definitely a prophetic picture of what the Lord doing here in Peru.

                   The 12 fishermen for Jesus                          New converts from marketplace ministry

Another awesome testimony, one of the many, that took place in the market down by the fishing dock happened while we were sharing Jesus with a group of people. There was an elderly lady on crutches that could hardly walk with them without the help of her daughter, was standing in front of me listening to what was being said. The Holy Spirit than spoke to me and said "I've just healed her". What immediately took place shocked me because it happened so fast. As soon as I heard those words, I immediately spoke those same words out loud to the lady in English even though she did not speak English but Spanish. The lady immediately looked at me and handed me her crutches and took off walking and than running. The lady's daughter was frightened and came running after her because she was afraid that she was going to fall and hurt herself. After all of this excitement, we asked the daughter why she was so frightened about her mother and she told us that her mother had 7 different surgeries on her legs and could not get around without help.

The mother said that she heard me speak to her plainly in Spanish even though I had only spoken to her in English. What happen was the Holy Spirit translated those words into Spanish while I spoke in English. Glory to the King of Kings - this was truly the Lord!

The crowd of people grew when they both saw and understood what had just happened. It was like adding fuel to the fire! Many people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ, with many being healed. Praise the Lord for what He has done!


From Ilo, we went to Tacna, a city of 125,000 people, were we held the last 3 nightly crusade meetings in the city's coliseum. During the next few days several more thousand gave their lives to Jesus!

Salvation call at the city's coliseum in Tacna

In the streets and in the market place, hundreds of people gave their lives to Jesus. Right from the start, an elderly lady got out of her wheelchair after she had given her life to Jesus, people crowded the area wanting to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to be healed. It was unbelieveable - it was like picking ripe fruit. You could not go any where without someone giving their life to Jesus and people getting healed! There was 100% healings - no matter the sickness or disease.

At a restaurant where we had lunch, we led all the workers to Christ and several of them received healing in their bodies.

Here in Tacna, we went to another prison and 100 inmates gave their lives to Jesus. One by one, each prisoner that needed a healing in their body was healed in front of the people, showing the prisoners that Jesus is the Healer!

Also during the day, in each city we went into, we held pastors conferences and encouraged the local pastors. The pastors and many of the people there ignited on fire for Jesus as they have never been before. Many pastors and church members received their healings and miracles as Jesus touched them.

In Conclusion

It is always such a blessing to be exactly where the Lord wants you to be and to be a part of all that He is doing! Our hearts rejoiced to see Jesus glorified so greatly in this nation of Peru.

One main question that the Peruvian people always seemed to ask was "Why are you happy and always smiling" and that was very easy to answer - JESUS!

Over and over again, what a joy it was to see the Kingdom of God being increased and those that have just became newborn children of God, begin to lead others to Jesus and the sick being totally healed as they laid their hands on them. Truly it was "as it is in heaven" being here at that very moment on earth! Just as Jesus said in His Word, there was both increase and multiplication happening right before our eyes. The increase was those receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour - and than they (instead of just us - the multiplication) were doing the ministry of Jesus. Hallelujah!!! This is what Jesus meant when He said in His Word to go and make disciples and this is clearly not just being a "hearer" but a "DOER".

What an awesome time it was!! All to the glory of God, we saw the hand of the Lord move mightily and about 4,500 people gave their lives to Jesus, both at the crusades and in the streets! We saw cripples walk, tumors disappear, deaf ears open, and blind eyes see, as well as many other things as hundreds of Peruvians were set free and healed instantly by the miraculous power of God, no matter what kind of sickness or disease they had, confirming the preaching of His Word.

It was unbelievable - it was like picking ripe fruit. You could not go any where without someone giving their life to Jesus and people getting healed! There was 100% healings and miracles - no matter the sickness or disease. All because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

Each place and city we went into was ripe for harvest - what we saw and heard the Lord say was "Peru is in revival and harvest". This is truly the beginning of "Revival & Harvest" as we have not seen in this region before. We are planning on going back into Peru many times this year, to be a part of all that the Lord is doing there.

We want to thank each one of you for praying for us! Even though you were not there in person, you were a part of all that took place there!

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