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The "Harvest" - Crowds at the crusade

Great Harvest of Souls and Miracles!

The Rwanda crusade was put on by Fresh Fire Ministries. Evangelist Todd Bentley preached the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles following. I'm so blessed and excited of helping and being a part of all that took place there.

The crusade was held over 7 nights in Kigali, the capital city. The first night, there was a crowd of over 8,000 people. But it didn't take long for the news to spread all over about the healings and miracles that were taking place. The crowd of people grew rapidly each night, with the last night have more than 30,000 people in attendance.

The healing, miracle working Power and manifest Presence of God was very present. There was over 10,500 salvations; these souls snatched from the hand of the enemy and all of heaven is rejoicing. This is the greatest miracle! There were so many healings and miracles that took place, all for the glory of God.

Here are some of the many healings and miracles that happened:

  • 99 Deaf (partially deaf, having no hearing in one or both ears)
  • 35 Deaf & Dumb
  • 12 Crippled
  • 12 Paralyzed
  • 37 Tumors
  • 24 Blind
  • 8 Partial blind
  • 6 Demonized - set free
  • 58 Backs
  • 65 Stomachs
  • 4 Broken legs
  • 3 Asthma
  • 4 Heart conditions
  • 2 Hernias
  • 5 Epilepsy
  • 13 Ulcers
  • 12 Injured legs & knees
  • Several people with AIDS

There are many reports still coming in of what all the Lord has done and still taking place over there. Praise the Lord!

Ministry of Jesus

There were many different outreaches that the team did:

  • We went to the local hospital and held a service in their chapel. Which resulted in there being several salvations and healings.

  • We went to several orphanges and ministered to them. We gave them candy, balloons and other goodies. They were so touched and thankful for the love we showed. The smiles on their faces are worth more than words could describe.

  • We went to a home for widows with AIDS and minstered to them.

  • We bought food and fed over 350 street boys.

  • We did open-air preaching in the market place. The people crowed around to see and hear what the white people doing. There were more salvations and healings.

"All" Were Healed

John preached at one of the churches on Sunday and the Lord confirmed His Word with healings and miracles. All of the sick, deaf, blind and crippled were called forward and were instantly healed. There were over 35 people who received instant healings and miracles in their bodies. It was so amazing. It all testifies that Jesus still heals "ALL" today! Glory to God!

It was a tremendous blessing for me to be part of the FFM ministry team and to help with the nightly crusades and outreaches.

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