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Tingo Maria, Pucallpa, Exito, Huaral & Lima

June 2010 Report

"…But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."  Daniel 11:32b

Here is a brief report of the many awesome things that the Lord did while we were in the central jungle and the western coast of Peru. First and foremost, we give all praise and glory to God and our Lord, Jesus Christ, as it is He that does these things!

Central Peru Map Once again with the direction of the Lord, several of us went with great expectancy to South America to 3 different regions in Peru. And in each one of those regions, we were in 5 different cities to bring both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and see His Will be done there in Peru as in Heaven. We were in the cities of Tingo Maria, Pucallpa, Exito, Huaral and Lima. And in each one of those cities the Lord had sent us, He had a plan and purpose; and all we had to do was be obedient to Him and His Word.

"…Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and ye shall be My people: and walk ye in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well unto you."  Jeremiah 7:23

Prior to our departure to Peru, the Lord had told us some specific things that He wanted us to do, even certain people to see and share some different messages He had specifically for each one of them. The Lord also said that He was going to both show and tell us even more things while we were there doing what He had said. You know what? That is exactly what He did; and the Lord did exactly what He said that He would do!

"But without faith it is impossible to please Him (God): for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."  Hebrews 11:6

So as we went forth to those certain places to meet those people whom the Lord had said, who were pastors, churches and Christians. These many different believers had been fasting and praying for some time, even long periods of time. They were crying out to the Lord to send someone to come and encourage them. And in the Lord doing so in answering their prayers, it would let them know that He still loves & cares about them, hears their prayers, is watching over them and with them. We were both shocked and amazed by the number of people in this situation, as many of them really wondered if God did care and heard their prayers; and many of them at a point were they were ready to give up in following and serving the Lord. They had become so discouraged in listening to the lies of the enemy that they had wondered if God was really real and if His Word was true!

But you know what, this is happening to believers, not just in Peru, but all around the world including the USA. This truly broke our hearts to hear of this but then we also knew why the Lord was sending us to these different people as He both was answering their prayers and also confirming His Word. It was such a joy and blessing to be obedient in doing what Abba Father had told us and to see these people who were so desperate, to be so encouraged and their faith renewed in Him. Glory to God Almighty!

Just as God said in His Word, to each one of us who believe, in Joshua 1:5-6 "…as I was with Moses, so will I be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage…" Because all we, each one of us, has to do is believe and act upon His Word - and God will ALWAYS do what He has said!!! So let no one every doubt God or His Word.  ***You will want to read an article the Lord has been having us to share called the "Joy of the Lord is Your Strength".

It was so wonderful to see these Christians have their faith and joy renewed in Jesus to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord to them. Also for them to realize that the enemy was lying to them and trying to destroy them spiritually. God is so good! That is why the Lord sends each one of us, no matter where we live, to a person here and a person there as He knows each person's heart and He hears their prayers.

On another note, in each city and place that the Holy Spirit had led us, we shared the Good News of Jesus and did much street ministry, including healing & deliverance; we reached out to those in the marketplace and in the areas that they were. We then taught/trained both new converts and believers about the ministry of Jesus and what He has commanded each one of us to do in Matthew 10:6-8; 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18. It was so awesome to see them step out in faith, trusting Jesus and truly believing what He has said in His Word and doing it.

The outcome for each one of us for being obedient to the Lord was - we all saw the miraculous, healing power of God manifests in many different ways as He transformed the hearts and lives of so many people. All of the salvations, healings, miracles and deliverances that happened testify of the saving, healing miraculous power of God - that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). Isn't our God great?

The sick were healed, those bound by satan & witchcraft were set free, and many other healings and miracles took place as the Word of God was spoken, many without the laying on of hands but just speaking the healing word. Some of the many healings and miracles that happened were: "crippled by arthritis" - limbs were strengthened & straightened instantly; "shoulder & rotator cup" - were instantly healed; "backs & back problems" - were instantly healed; "stomach & intestinal problems" - were instantly healed; "deaf & ringing ears" - were opened, ringing stopped, restored hearing; "partial blindness" - sight restored, and many other things did Jesus heal the people of!

Over and over again, each one of those people that were healed and/or received a miracle testified of the goodness and power of God. They checked & examined the areas of their bodies that the Lord had healed - trying to understand how this happened instantly in front of their eyes and telling to all what they had felt happening in their bodies at that very moment. We explained to them (that it was not about us but that it was the anointing and power of God) that God, the Creator of all things was the One that healed them.

Truly, the Holy Spirit moved in a great and mighty way while we were in Peru with all of those salvations, healings and miracles that happened everywhere - on the streets, in the market, in restaurants and even in their own homes, including meetings.

Besides all of those things that the Lord did, we also saw Him hold the rain and have the clouds dissipate on several occasions so that His Work would not be hindered or stopped. Praise the Lord - He is always true to His Word and always faithful!

As always, our hearts are filled with so much joy and with such gratitude for all that the Lord has done! What an awesome time it was to both see the glory and power of God manifest and transform the hearts of so many people. It was very fruitful and the harvest was plentiful.

Here are a couple detailed accounts of the wonderful things that God done for His Glory:

The Multitudes of Fish

Early one morning, we left Pucallpa in a long, narrow wooden boat on the Ucayali River for a small town in the jungle, with the only access of getting there is by boat that the Lord had told us to go to.

It was a beautiful and hot, muggy day in the jungle as we went down the river. At several different times, we got to see hundreds if not thousands of fish including piranhas jumping right and left in front and around our boat; with many fish jumping and landing in the boat hitting us both in our faces and bodies. We have never seen anything like this anywhere before and it was awesome.

The jumping of the multitudes of fish and the fish jumping in our boat was very prophetic of the time of harvest of souls in Peru that is happening there now but also as a sign for us of what was to come in the jungle town that we were going to. Jesus spoke of fish and of the harvest in His Word such as: "making us fishers of men in Matthew 4:19, the great multitude of fish in Ezekiel 47:9, the fishes and the multitude of fishes in Luke 5:1-11 & John 21:1-11, and He said of the harvest in Luke 10:2 & John 4:35."

After we were more than half the way there to jungle town, the boat's motor suddenly stopped running and it would not fire up. It was not because it was out of gas as we had extra fuel with us but it had broken down. So then we were adrift in the river and the boat was going back down the river in the opposite direction from which we have come. So after a period of time, we drifted up on the side of the bank of the river while our boat's driver was trying to figure out what had happened to the motor and finally told us that our trip was done as there was no way to fix the motor.

We all begin praying and asking Abba Father to help us and to send another boat down there river to us, as we were in the jungle and no way of contacting any one. As we sit there in the boat waiting, we told our boat's driver to not worry as the Lord was going to bring us help. We also knew this happened because the enemy was trying to hinder and keep us from doing what Abba Father had told us to do in the jungle town.

About 15-20 minutes later while sitting in the hot jungle sun, the Lord sent us another boat with one fisherman in it who came by to see what was going on. Our boat driver told him what had happened; the other fisherman said that we could get on his boat as he was going to the same jungle town that we were. There was just one problem though; his boat was smaller than the one we were in and he realized that it was not going to work. So he talked with our original boat driver and said that he would take his motor off his boat and put it on the one that we were in. Thank you, Jesus! Our original boat driver was going to float in the other guy's boat with his motor back to Pucallpa to get his motor fixed and exchange boats with him later.

To cut this short, we arrived safely and continued to the small town. Upon arriving there, we met a pastor who was so excited and happy to see us. The pastor then told us that God had answered his prayers as he and his family had been praying and fasting in asking the Lord to send someone to encourage them but also for a breakout of a move of God in their town. They knew that the Lord heard them and was going to answer their prayers but they didn't know that He has spoken to us to come and that we would be coming from the USA.

You know what? That is exactly what the Lord did! There were many salvations, healings and miracles that happened that day that the Lord did do for His Glory. It was so wonderful!

The Glory and Manifest Presence of God

This did not just happen during this meeting one night but all through the whole time that we were on this trip…

In this one city, we were invited to come and share with this pastor and the body of believers there what the Lord had been doing but also to do all that the Lord told us to do. On our way to the meeting but also once there, you could feel the wonderful Presence of the Lord. With each passing moment, you could feel the anointing and presence of the Lord continuing to increase and we knew that Pappa God had some thing very important that He was going to do.

The people were praising the Lord and giving Him thanks for all that He has done for them. They were very excited to hear and receive what He had for them.

Then each one of us shared the different things that the Lord had told us to share with them; this included about "following Jesus, listening to Him & doing exactly what He tells you, His love & mercy, forgiving one another & unforgiveness, and other encouraging & prophetic words.

During this time, people begin to weep and cry in their seats as the Holy Spirit was moving and convicting them of things in their hearts. While the people were crying out to God to forgive them, the building's literal (natural) atmosphere changed as the glory and presence of the Lord invaded and continued to increase. The air was so thick and foggy. There was such a fear of the Lord and a sense of the holiness of His Presence.

Then each one of these people went to the different ones there that night to ask for their forgiveness and make right the wrong they had done to them. They were hugging one another with tears running down there faces. What the enemy met for harm and tried to destroy, the Lord brought healing, life and restoration! Jesus is so awesome!

As all of this was happening, the manifest glory and presence of God - became a reality in the natural as a cloud filled the whole place. You could see it with your physical eyes but also feel it with your body, it was not just spiritually. In the midst of this, people were being instantly healed physically. Words cannot begin to describe it - as it was beyond words. It was so amazing!! Oh how He loves us and wants to manifest Himself to us!  (*Note: The Lord talks about His Presence - His manifest Presence in Exodus 40:34-38 & 1 Kings 8:10-11.)

What God did that night in all of those people hearts was so wonderful. He brought reconciliation, mended the broke-hearted, set the captives free and healed them physically besides many other things. Jesus is so worthy of all praise and glory - Praise His Holy Name!

Over and over again, we saw the Lord move in a mighty way not only touching the people in need but also transforming theirs lives. Each one never being the same because of all that He has done in them but also for them. We know that all of Heaven was rejoicing as each and every sinner repented (Luke 15: 10).

No matter how many times I see God work and move, I am in awe of Him and all that He does. Like the people who lives are changed by the power of God, we too are changed because of the mercy and goodness of God and our faith increases. God dares us to believe for the impossible and for us to step out in faith to do all that He tells us, no matter what it may seem. Only when we respond in complete obedience to what He says, will we see God do the impossible and His Power manifests. Just like it is recorded in His Word in so many different accounts.

We truly have seen the glory and power of God manifest both in the miracles that took place and the healing of sickness & disease - not matter what it was. All glory to God - for He alone deserves it and it is only because of Him!

There are so many other awesome things that God has done on this trip that I would like to share, but it would take too much time to try to tell you. I am sure that you can just imagine.

Truly it is "Harvest Time" and we must be about our Father's business, not just there in Peru or where we live but all over the world to where He sends us. It is not just for us, but for each one of us as Disciples of Jesus - His sons and daughters!

"...Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come..."  Luke 14:23

Here is a brief report by Ben Clark about his trip to Peru with us. You will want to read what he experienced, as it changed his life and walk with the Lord tremendously. Click on the following link to read Ben Clark's report.

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