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Our Spiritual Enemy

Spiritual Defensive Weapons

Spiritual Offensive Weapons

Lord's End Time Army

Mind of Christ vs. Our Mind

The Secret of Burning

To Know and Trust God

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What Time Is It?
Go Reap The Harvest With Jesus

"Harvest Time" is NOW!

Do you long to see & do the same works as Jesus?

Have you ever longed to see the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, the lepers cleansed, the oppressed set free and even see the dead raised?

Go - Reap The Harvest With Jesus.

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A vast majority of these people are doomed for eternity in hell...

If today is your time to go, "where will you spend eternity?"

Today is the day of salvation. Don't wait until it is too late...

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Articles & Biblical Revelations

Written by:  Ben Clark

  • Are You Focused On Jesus?

    Do you feel that your walk with God isn't going anywhere, or maybe it's even going backwards? Do you feel like you are sinking and that it all seems hopeless?

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  • Do You Need Money?

    Money provides you only a limited amount of things, but JESUS PROVIDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!!

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  • I Never Knew You...

    Do you know Jesus? Does Jesus know you? In that day (the Day of Judgment) are you going to hear Jesus say "Go away, I never knew you?"

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  • My Friend, Jesus

    Jesus wasn't always my friend, because... I used to be "The World's" friend. But, even then, Jesus still loved me. HE still cared for me. Jesus never gave up on me. Even though I wasn't HIS friend, HE still wanted to be my friend.

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  • What Kind of Christian Are You?

    Is being a Christian just a hobby to you? Or is it a lifestyle?

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